Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On the Beat with Lin Brehmer

When going to a Resistance Pro Wrestling event, you never know what might happen.  You will definitely see great wrestling.  You will see the JohngysBeat.com crew.  You might even run into a radio legend, like the "Reverend of Rock and Roll" Lin Brehmer.
Brehmer has been on the radio since the mid 70's and has been on WXRT in Chicago since 1991.  Merely surviving that long on one station earns him legendary status.  Brehmer has done much more than survive though.  He is one of the most knowledgeable and most popular radio personalities in Chicago or anywhere to be honest.
I approached Brehmer for a picture at first.  When he offered to jump down from the stage to pose with me, I was immediately impressed.  JohngysBeat.com's Scott Beatty and I talked to him for a bit and he was so interesting, we both knew we wanted to get an interview with him.  He agreed and the result is shown below, with Scott (lead interviewer, all around big shot, comics master and music historian) asking the questions. 
Brehmer is one of those people who could talk for hours and still be fascinating.  His stories and opinions were fascinating.  Even his choices for summer record picks were intriguing.
On top of all of that, Brehmer is another great person brought in by R Pro.  No shock there.  The Baron brothers have a history of working with good people and bringing in quality people for appearances.  This is what you get from an R Pro show.
We really appreciate Brehmer's time.  Talking with a radio legend was unexpected, but totally cool.
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