Friday, June 14, 2013

On the Beat with Chanel Ryan at Motor City Comic Con 2013

I first met Chanel Ryan at a Hollywood Celebrities Show in Rosemont (IL) several years ago.  I had not heard of her at the time, but she really stood out.  Those shows usually have somewhat older stars.  Being a young, beautiful woman really made her stand out.
Chanel is a model, actress, producer and more.  She is one of the most popular women ever to appear in the Benchwarmer Cards series.  She appeared on the cover of Garth Brook's Album "The Life of Chris Gaines."  She has also appeared regularly on various "Top Sexy..." lists.
Honestly, Chanel looks as stunning as she did when I saw her several years back.  I did not talk to her much at that point, but this time I got a short interview.  She is as nice as she is beautiful.
One of her latest projects, Scream Queen Campfire is in pre-production (which stars several of our favorite scream queens).  This is definitely one I want to see.
Several years after meeting Chanel for the first time, I interviewed her.  My how time flies.  Yet, Chanel stood out just like she did back then.  More importantly though, Chanel was just as nice.  She is a great convention guest.
After you watch our interview, check out to learn all about her.  You can also "like" Chanel on Facebook and follow Chanel on twitter.

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