Friday, June 21, 2013

On the Beat with Mickie Knuckles at Resistance Pro's "Lights Out"

When Mr. and Mrs. Knuckles welcomed their little girl Mickie in to the world, little did they know she would become the "Queen of Death Match" or the "Queen of Hardcore," two titles which were well earned.  When I first met Mickie at a Resistance Pro Wrestling show, little did I know how fascinating she was outside of the ring.
You can learn a lot about Mickie, including an interesting story on how she got started in wrestling, by going to  They have some great stuff there.
I am here to give you a little extra info on Mickie.  For instance she is very sweet.  (Good God, I hope she doesn't kick my butt for printing that!).  As I was asking her for the interview, she joked and said she had been waiting for me to interview her.  How cool is that?!  Then, later in the night as I gave a shirt to another wrestler, Mickie sheepishly asked where hers was.  Mickie Knuckles wanted a shirt?  How cool is that?!!  Of course, if Mickie wants a shirt, Mickie gets a shirt!
Our interview was fun for me.  Mickie is very easy and interesting.  She is also willing to talk and joke around.  It was hard to imagine that this nice woman was actually the same woman who is the only woman to be booked or the King of Death Match Tournament on multiple occasions.
D'Arcy Dixon is the current R Pro Women's champ, but I suspect Mickie will be getting a title shot at some point.  I am also hoping to see a match between Mickie and Kong.
Once again, I have to congratulate R Pro for bringing in a classy, talented wrestler.  Mickie has been great in and out of the ring at R Pro shows.
After you watch our interview, you can go to the Mickie Knuckles Facebook page and follow Mickie Knuckles on twitter to get all of her news and updates.  Also, be sure to come out to R Pro's next show on Friday, July 26, in Willowbrook.

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