Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heyyy It's the Fonz-o

Earlier in the year, I did some coverage of the Windy City Rollers.  I had a lot of fun with the talented ladies of the track, but I also met some other interesting characters, including Fonzo McKnuckles, the mascot of the Fury.
I have since done some research on Fonzo and discovered that he was hatched from a giant orange egg on St. Valentine's eve, which makes him a fellow Aquarian.  One of his likes is "watching hot chicks on skates beat the hell out of each other while trying to quench in their never ending thirst for blood."  Hmm this Fonzo is smarter than I thought.
Fonzo is just one of the mascots who provide extra entertainment at the Windy City Rollers events.  He works the crowd well.  He is quite active and very animated.  The kids especially love him (and I am just a big kid anyway).
I have not been to see the Rollers in a while due to scheduling conflicts, but I hope to return soon.  As a matter of fact, the perfect time would be the Golden Bowl II on Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21.  For more info on this event, check out  I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy some roller derby fun.  I am sure Fonzo would agree.
Fonzo McKnuckles and me in Chicago, IL-March 2013.

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