Friday, July 12, 2013

On the Beat with Linda Blair at Days of the Dead 2013

I admit, as a youngster, The Exorcist scared the heck out of me.  What a great movie and what a great performance by a young teen Linda Blair.  Blair has remained active in the entertainment business ever since, but her most important work might be outside of show business.
Linda was raised to respect animal life and she has chosen to use her notoriety to raise awareness to animal cruelty and rescues.  Thus the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation was born.  We caught up with Linda at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis and she gave us a short video on behalf of the LBWHF.  I will let Linda relay that message, but here I want to congratulate Linda and to express my admiration for her efforts.
Linda doesn't need to do celebrity conventions, but she has been doing them for years to spread the word about the LBWHF.  Her appearances are always appreciated by new and old fans.  I have met Linda several times over the years and I keep going back.  Having a chance to talk to Linda for a few moments and having the small donation go to help animals is a winning combination for me.  Judging by the length of her lines at the conventions, I would say I am not alone in that.
When I approached Linda about doing a short promo for the LBWHF, she did not hesitate.  She had never heard of, but she wanted to spread the word on the LBWHF and she knew I would do that.
Linda works tirelessly promoting her cause and helping animals.  This isn't lip service for her.  Linda could charge a lot more for pictures and autographs, but instead, she keeps a low price and gives the proceeds to the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation.
After you watch Linda talk about the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, please go to to learn more about the great work they do with animals.  Also, "like" the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation on Facebook and follow LindaBlairWHF on twitter.

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