Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lita Ford Live at Days of the Dead

At the recent Days of the Dead convention, I witnessed one of the coolest scenes ever at any such convention.  I have never seen anything like it and I have been to hundreds of conventions.
Cuzz Gekas and I were meandering around as we waited for a couple scheduled interviews.  We were near Lita Ford's table when we saw a fan pull out a guitar.  Much to his surprise (and to the shock of all around), Lita took it, tuned it for about 5 seconds and started playing it.
Lita didn't simply strum a few notes and hand it back to the guy.  Having Lita play your guitar for even mere seconds would have been cool enough.  Instead, Lita went on to play "Close My Eyes Forever" and invited the guy to sing with her.
I have admitted my greatest moments here.  I received a huge bear hug from Roddy Piper when I first met him after a few phone conversations.  I got to interview earlier crushes Lauren Holly, Andrea Evans, PJ Soles and Kelli Maroney.  I have been on Major League fields and in dugouts.  I know how cool those moments were to me.  I can only imagine how this guy felt.
This guy had a once-in-a-lifetime moment courtesy of Lita (and Days of the Dead, too).  I did reach out to him and asked him to contact me for comments, but I have not heard from him yet.  I hope he eventually contacts me.  I would love to get his perspective.
While I was surprised to see Lita do this, I can honestly say I was not shocked.  Days of the Dead promoter Adolfo selects quality people to be celebrity guests and Days is always doing different things.  It is a unique convention.
Below is the clip of the moment.  Can you tell how excited the guy was?  I have to point out something early in the video.  Jake Busey is the celebrity at the next table.  He apparently nudged the fan for whatever reason.  The guy looked like he took a step forward, then jumped right back close to Lita.  He wasn't unnerved enough to take him away from the moment.  That little step back might have made a big difference.  He was cementing himself in this moment.
Look, too, at Lita.  She looks to be having a good time herself.  As I wrote...truly unique.
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Jason T. Carter said...

WOW! That is fantastic! What a lucky dude!

JT, The Writer's Journey

Johngy said...

Indeed. I felt lucky witnessing it. I just wish that guy contacted me.