Saturday, July 27, 2013

On the Beat with the Central Division Champ Chicago Rush

Okay, technically, they are not Central Division champs yet, but it would take a ridiculous scenario to play out on the last week for them not be be Central Division champs.  Therefore, is declaring the Chicago Rush as division champs.
Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker and I attended practice last Thursday and saw a loose, confident and happy Chicago Rush team.  Coach McMillen and Assistant Coach Housman ran the team through drills and spoke to them at the end.  The message was simple.  The team has come a long way and they still have a way to go, but they are headed in the right direction.
All of this is so very true.  I have previously written about the somewhat uncertain status of the team.  The AFL is now in charge of the Chicago Rush.  Through it all, Coach McMillen has forged ahead and basically willed his team to do the same.  It really has been quite a ride.
The Rush face the San Jose Sabercats (12-5) tonight.  It is basically a meaningless game, except Coach McMillen would never allow such a thing.  I promise you the Rush will play this game like they have played all other games, like it is for their lives.
We talked to defensive lineman Darrell Campbell after practice and got his thoughts on the playoffs and more.  Campbell went to Notre Dame and was on the 2005 Chicago Bears practice squad.  He later played for the 2009 Grey Cup champion Montreal Alouettes under (current Bears coach) Marc Trestman and he gave us his thoughts on Coach Trestman.
I had a little fun with Campbell at the start of the interview.  I referred to him as a legend and he is one.  He is a local Chicago kid who has gone on to have a solid career.  I love players like Campbell.  I greatly respect what he has done.
I also greatly respect all that Coach McMillen has done.  It is well-documented here that I have followed his career and I firmly believe he will be inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame this year.  He should also be AFL Coach of the Year for what he has done.  Still, Coach McMillen will hear none of that.  The chase for the title is all that is on his mind right now.  We got Coach's thoughts on the upcoming game and the playoffs.
Once again, I thank the Chicago Rush organization for their hospitality.  I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am.

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