Thursday, August 8, 2013

On the Beat with the Chicago Bliss

The Chicago Bliss is a professional women's football team which plays in the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League).  The LFL roots trace back to 2004, but the rebranded LFL is now much more focused on actual football (although the women still wear non-traditional uniforms.
I originally reached out to the Chicago Bliss several months ago.  A while later, I heard from about covering the Bliss.  I met a few of the players and interviewed them, but did not hear back from  I had no idea what was happening with the site, but I saw no signs of activity.  To make the long story as short as I can, Pete Richmire is now running things at and I am back on the Bliss beat.
I attended a practice a couple weeks ago and finally met Coach Keith Hac.  Hac is a long-time coach in various leagues.  I really enjoyed talking football and other stuff with him.  Plus he gave me a scoop and a major headline, as you will learn in the video below.
I also talked to Deena Fagiano (tight end-linebacker) and Nneka Nwani (offensive line).  These ladies were awesome, too.  They are funny, articulate, talented, beautiful and tough as can be.  We can joke all we want about their (lack of) uniforms, but imagine playing full contact tackle football with so little padding and protection.  Like I wrote, these women are tough.
The Bliss play the Green Bay Chill on Saturday.  The winner goes onto the playoffs on August 17.  (Hint-the major scoop from Coach Hac involves the Green Bay game).)
I have to admit that I left practice excited about the Bliss (and not because of their "uniforms").  They are a likable, fun bunch and they are good!  Quarterback Heather Furr leads the league in passing.  ChrisDell Harris is among the leaders in rushing.  The offense and defense is near the top of the league.  This adds up to a very nice combination.
I will be providing Bliss updates here, but you can also check the Bliss site and to learn more about the Bliss and the rest of the Legends Football League.

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