Sunday, August 4, 2013

On the Beat with "The Ego" Robert Anthony at Resistance Pro's "Stick It To Ya"

"The Ego" Robert Anthony has come a long way since his early days in Resistance Pro wrestling (much like has).  Despite the comment, I am in no way comparing Ego to  Ego is the champ!
I remember seeing Ego way back at the early shows.  He showed a lot of talent and charisma.  Since then he has worked very hard at his craft and it paid off in the form of the R Pro Heavyweight title.  Ego is coming up on one year as the champ.
Being champ is not easy, as everyone wants what he has.  Recently, things might have gotten tougher and more complicated.  At R Pro's Stick It To Ya, Team Ego lost to Team Jocephus, with Jocephus, Chris Hall and Los Angel remaining as victors.
The three men now get a shot at the title of their choosing.  Will all three request shots at Ego's title?  Will it result in a 4 way match?  Nobody knows yet, but whatever happens, I can guarantee will be interesting and Ego will be reasdy.
After the match,'s Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker caught up with Ego and got his thoughts on the match.  The always interesting Ego also discussed his idea for fun at the upcoming Wizard World convention.
For more info on Ego and the other talented wrestlers at R Pro, head over to  You can also come out and see some R Pro superstars at Wizard World next weekend! will be on hand, too.

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