Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On the Beat with John Mabry of the St. Louis Cardinals

When I got confirmed for press credentials for a recent St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, I immediately set long-time favorite John Mabry as one of my goals.  Mabry is currently a coach with the Cards.
Mabry played for eight teams over a fourteen year career.  He had three stints with the Cardinals and a one year stay with the Chicago Cubs.  He played 1st base, 3rd base, the outfield and he even pitched twice.  I love that sort of versatility.
I was a huge fan of Mabry during his career.  I admit that he was a baseball mancrush of mine.  Although his season in Chicago was not a great one, it was still one of the highlights for me.  It is always cool when a favorite player joins my home team, especially when that player played so long and so well with the rival Cardinals.
Mabry was signing autographs after the Cardinals took batting practice.  Once he was on my radar and not busy working, I was not going to let him get away.  Talking to a favorite on the field is one of the real joys I get.  It never gets old.
Mabry was really cool and he answered a few travel questions for Global Traveler magazine.  I hope you enjoy the interview.  I know I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my guy Mabry!
Thank you to the St. Louis Cardinals organization for their hospitality and cooperation in allowing the JohngysBeat.com crew access in Busch Stadium.  I also thank Global Traveler magazine for giving me a writing slot to hone my skills and expand my horizons.

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Jean Parker said...

Nice! I like how you threw in the "Cubs". Got to try those St. Louis favorite restaurants he mentioned!