Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bear Down Sunday: Game #15

The Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles are both 8-6 and fighting to stay in first place in their respective divisions.  Representing the game and the fight today is Vince Papale, a member of the Eagles for three seasons in the late 70's.
Papale was an unlikely NFL player.  He previously played in the World Football League, but he was 30 when he made the roster of the Eagles.  He is the oldest non-kicker to make an NFL debut.  Papale's story was told in the 2006 movie Invincible
I had the pleasure of meeting Papale at a Global Traveler event a couple years ago.  He was quite an engaging guy.  He might be the most social of all of the guests GT has ever had.  We talked about football and pretty much everything eklse.  He also gave me a promo, which can be found in the right column on this page.
Papale was like a real-life Rocky.  He was an inspiration.  He fought his way onto the roster and made an impact on their special teams.  He did also catch one pass in his career.Today's game is going to be a battle.  Both teams need the win.  Will it come down to which team wants it more or will it just be a matter of talent and luck?  Who knows?  Either way, it should be an exciting battle.
Louie Atsaves, Vince Papale and me in New York, NY-January 2011.

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Evil Zebra said...

Jay "Johngy" Leno's BEARS - 11

Evil Zebra's EAGLES - 54

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