Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eric St. Vaughn is in the House!

The picture below represents a lot of fun, courtesy of Resistance Pro Wrestling and Wizard World Conventions.  Both organizations continue to bring entertainment and surprises to the fans.
I have written many times about both R  Pro and Wizard World.  I attend as many events by either as is possible.  Both provide a lot of content for
One of the fun parts of Wizard World is meeting the other fans there.  R Pro's Eric St. Vaughn is a huge fan of He-Man and he could be seen stocking up on some cool He-Man merchandise.  We even got ESV to conduct an interview with Tom Cook, noted He-Man animator.  That can be seen at On the Beat with Tom Cook at Wizard World.
ESV is just one notable fan we have encountered.  I have also run into Joe Knetter and Sarah French (famous horror couple), Tim White (legendary WWF ref), Elliott Harris (features writer) and many more celebs.  The crowd can be almost as fun as the celeb guests.
As for R Pro, they had a booth at Wizard World, because they want to be available to the public.  They can be seen at charity events, schools and other places, along with their regular wrestling events.  Likewise at R Pro shows, you never know what you might see.  I have run into Lin Brehmer (radio legend), Professor Kliq (Chicago musician) and Mancow.  R Pro attracts all sorts of people.
The moral of this story is for a fun time year round, check out Resistance Pro.  For a fun event once a year, check out Wizard World.  You will see me at both.  Maybe next time, you will be pictured here.
Matt Parker, Eric St. Vaughn and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2013.

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