Friday, February 28, 2014

On the Beat with the Chicago Bliss-02/24/2014

After missing the Chicago Bliss practices while I was in Florida, I was back at the Darien SportsPlex to get back onto the Bliss Beat.  As much as I loved Florida, I really did miss the Bliss.
We are just about six weeks away from the season opener for the Legends Football League and the Chicago Bliss.  The Bliss travel to Milwaukee to start their title defense against the Green Bay Chill on April 5.  I am really looking forward to that game!
For now though, I am enjoying the Bliss practices.  Despite all of their hard work, I think the coaches, veterans and rookies are also enjoying practices.  The team is starting to take shape.  The veterans look to be game-day ready and the rookies are learning the plays, the drills and the overall feel of the Bliss.
At the Monday practice, we talked to another interesting mix of players.  We interviewed Alli Alberts, one of the top rookies of 2013.  We also talked to Katy Massey and Emma Kuhns, two Bliss prospects.  Each brought a unique and interesting perspective.
As my coverage partner Jack says, "You have beauty, brutality and really excellent football."  We will continue to do our best to spread the word and get more people on the Bliss bandwagon!

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