Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dear God No!...Dear God Yes!

At Days of the Dead 2012, I had finished all of my scheduled interviews and was roaming around looking for other interesting things.  Few things are more interesting than an effervescent, attractive, conversational woman and I spotted one in Rachelle Lynn.
Rachelle and Nick Morgan were there to promote Dear God No!, a comedy-horror movie.  The basic premise is a gang of outlaw bikers invade the home of a disgraced anthropologist, who is hiding a secret in his cabin basement.
As stories go, that sounds like a decent set up for a movie, but the enthusiasm of Nick and Rachelle are what sold me on it.  they were a blast to interview.  Plus, in the middle of the interview, there is an appearance by James Bickert, the Director.  Nice timing, but I missed actually including him in the questioning.  Okay, I was slightly preoccupied with the lovely Rachelle...oh and Nick, too.
As a quick update to this story, Nick and Rachelle were married recently.  I have to admit they make a nice couple and seem very much in love.  It is actually pretty heartwarming to see.
I hope to meet these two again in the future.  Until then, please check out my interview On the Beat with Nick Morgan and Rachelle Lynn.
Nick Morgan, Rachelle Lynn and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2012.

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