Friday, June 6, 2014

Miss Prig's Therapy Sessions

Miss Prig arrived on the Resistance Pro scene in February 2013.  She was introduced as Jesse Corgan's therapist.  Since then, she has, slowly but surely, entrenched herself in R Pro.  We have seen her undergo some changes, as Corgan formed Colonel Corgan's Special Forces in an effort to take over R Pro.
Other than that, little is really known about Miss Prig.  She remains a bit of a mystery, while being omnipresent by Col. Corgan's side.  We recently started to interview Miss Prig, before Col. Corgan interrupted and stopped it.  The remnants of that interview can be found at On the Beat with Miss Prig.
I view Miss Prig as an enigma.  Without a doubt, she is devilish.  She claims to explain Col. Corgan's actions.  I don't see what good her "therapy" is doing him.  He doesn't appear to be softening his ways one bit.
On the other hand, Miss Prig is always very willing to pose for pictures after the show.  Maybe this is a case of separating business and pleasure.  Many "bad guys" in wrestling do not mingle with their fans so easily.  Miss Prig seems to embrace her fans and they seem to embrace her (except for her ties to Col. Corgan).
Is a turn to the good side in Prig's future?  I won't pretend to know that answer.  Col. Corgan would definitely say (scream) that it would never happen while he is in control.  Is he really in control though?  Maybe Prig is pulling the strings?  I'm just trying to look at all angles on this.
There is much more to Miss Prig than meets the eye, although what meets the eye is pretty nice.  Come out to any R Pro show and see for yourself.
Miss Prig and me in Willowbrook, IL-April 2014.

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