Saturday, June 7, 2014

On the Beat at Resistance Pro's "Savage Amusement"

Resistance Pro's "Savage Amusement" was another great night filled with awesome wrestling.  R Pro continues to live up to the high standards they set. scored a few key interviews.  Special Cotrrespondent Jonathan McMahon talked to the newly-freed Suge D.  This was a lot of fun an featured a quick cameo by Mad Man Pondo and some very shiny pants on Suge D.
Another Special Correspondent made his triumphant return.  JayHawk Evans talked to Eric St. Vaughn of Body Magic.  Even after a long night of action, ESV still gave us his time to discuss the latest Body Magic news.
I thought I was interviewing Cobra, but Justin King, his new manager, interrupted and took over.  Apparently this is a new era for Cobra.
I also had a good interview going with the lovely and mysterious Miss Prig, until the overbearing Colonel Jesse Corgan saw us and put an immediate stop to it.  Still, we got a little insight from Miss Prig.
I did manage to get a full interview from Paloma Starr, the winner of the recent Sam Thompson Memorial Tournament.  Starr was getting a title shot later in the evening.
Last, Eric St. Vaughn took over the interview duties and talked to Chicago Bliss Assistant Coach John Witte.  The Bliss and R Pro are developing a solid relationship and mutual admiration society.
This is just a slice of the fun at the R Pro shows.  I am so excited about the next R Pro show, Friday, June 13.  "Deliverance" will certainly deliver.  I'll be there and you should, too!

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