Friday, July 4, 2014

Mickie Knuckles Stole My Chair-Part 2: The Proof

Yesterday I wrote about Mickie Knuckles stealing my chair at a Resistance Pro Wrestling show a few months ago.  Today, I am presenting the screen capture of Mickie as she takes my chair.
This all happened at "The Battle Rages On" in March at St. Francis de Sales High School, back in my old neighborhood (you'd think I would be okay on my own turf).
For the record, Mickie never denied stealing my chair.  Don't ask how she could since it was recorded.  This is wrestling.  Things happen or don't happen, depending on many circumstances.  For example, millions of people have seen Ric Flair do various things during his career, yet the ref did not and therefore the record shows they did not happen.
As I stated, Mickie does not deny stealing my chair.  She did not deny licking me at a previous show either (although no footage of that is available).  Even if she did deny it, I am not sure I would argue.  Mickie is not always a rational person.  Ask D'Arcy Dixon (whom Mickie beat for the R Pro Women's title).  Actually, ask anyone.
Chair thief or not.  Crazy or not.  Mickie is one of my favorite wrestlers.  She is skilled in the ring and entertaining in and out of the ring.  Mickie can have my chair any time.  I just hope she doesn't hit me with it.
Mickie Knuckles and me in Chicago, IL-March 2014.

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