Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mickie Knuckles Stole My Chair

Actually, that title should be "Mickie Knuckles Stole My Chair and Attempted to Beat the Life out of D'Arcy Dixon with It," but that title would be way too long.  It would be accurate, however.
At last month's Resistance Pro's "The Battle Rages On," Dixon and Knuckles were involved in a 5-on-5 tag team match.  It came down to Knuckles and Dixon as the final two.  Knuckles was attempting to unseat Dixon as the R Pro Women's champ.
At one point, Knuckles slid out of the ring and yelled at me to get up.  I was not about to argue with the unhinged Knuckles, although I had no idea what she wanted.
Soon it became evident that she wanted my chair.  (At least she did not want to pound me.)  She took the chair and brought it into the ring to further her cause.  Unfortunately for Dixon, this meant a brutal beatdown.  Unfortunately for Knuckles, this meant a disqualification.  Unfortunately for me, this meant a severely bent chair (again, better than a severely bent Johngy).
The next month, at "Don't Tread," Knuckles beat Dixon in a "First Blood" match to win the R Pro Women's title.  Knuckles is a deserving champ and should have an entertaining title run.
Me holding the Mickie Knuckles' chair in Chicago, IL-March 2014.

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