Thursday, July 10, 2014

On the Beat with AJ Moore at Days of the Dead Indy 2014

At every Days of the Dead convention, I know I will see many talented artists.  With so many artists out there, it must be hard to stand out, but AJ Moore did just that at this year's Days.
He seemingly draws everything from comic super heroes to WNBA super stars.  His work is really interesting.  Not only is each piece beautifully done, his styles seem to change depending on the piece.  Some are simple, while others are much more intricate.  Some are realistic, while others are more animated.  I'd almost think there were a few different artists at work here.  That is a credit to his tremendous talent.
I really enjoyed the interview.  I loved his advice to young artists and his thoughts on everything in general.  I would love to meet Moore again and talk more in depth on some subjects.
I'd also like to ask him about wrestling.  Moore seems to have some interest in wrestling.  I saw a John Cena piece on his Facebook page and I also saw "The Ultimate Artist" video he did.  Clearly a takeoff on the Ultimate Warrior, Moore was hilarious and pretty spot on with him impression.  Very well done, indeed.
So many topics for next time, but for now, please enjoy the interview below and check out Moore on Facebook.  Roam around his pictures and see some of his creations.  I am certain you will be impressed, too.

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