Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On the Beat with Matt Gross at C2E2 2014

When the JohngysBeat.com crew covers a comic con, we do pre-con preparation (You might call it "pre-con recon").  Sometimes though, we rely on momentary interest on site.  In other words, sometimes we just wander around and talk to the talented artists etc. who interest us in some way.
That's how we came across Matt Gross, the creative force behind Caaats!.  Maaatt (we stole that joke from his website) is a Comic Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer (stole that, too).  He is quite taented and very passionate about his cats, which is probably why he created Caaats! (that is our original thought...no theft there).
Caats! features Olive and Hazel, two cats.  The young Olive and the older Hazel often clash and the result is very entertaining.  They are also best friends, which adds another layer.
It is no coincidence that Matt and his wife have two cats also named Olive and Hazel.  Matt obviously loves cats and finds humor in them.  Fortunately for us, he shares this humor through his work.
After you check out JohngysBeat.com's Contributor Extraordinaire Matt (or should that also be Maaatt?) Parker's interview with Gross, head over to Caaats.com to learn more about Matt and the caaats.

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