Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On the Beat with Yahshi Rice and ChrisDell Harris of the Chicago Bliss

The Chicago Bliss are officially 1-0-1, while the Las Vegas Sinn are 1-1-0.  Tomorrow, these two LFL Western Division rivals will battle in Las Vegas.
In the LFL power rankings, the Bliss are still #1, while the Sin has moved up to #6.  The Bliss are averaging about 60 more yards per game, while their defenses yield about the same yardage per game.
Aside from the stats, the Bliss are on a mission to prove the Seattle tie was a fluke.  Furthermore, MVP QB Heather Furr will be out to show why she is the MVP, while the Sin's Sindy Cummings wants to prove her quick start is also no fluke.  My money is on Furr to show the 19 year old what she does!
At the Bliss practice Monday, I talked to Bliss stars Yahshi Rice and ChrisDell Harris.  Harris is in a battle with Jacksonville's Saige Steinmentz for the LFL lead in rushing yards.  Rice is among the league leaders in tackles with 11.5, plus a sack.
These ladies aren't just playing for stats though.  They are playing for the win.  They wanted to go 4-0 this season, but Seattle derailed that goal a bit.  Still, 3-0-1 looks pretty good.  The next step towards that goal is a win in Las Vegas.
Harris and Rice talked about the Seattle game.  They also gave us their thoughts on the upcoming game in Vegas.  The ladies are focused and loose.
I will be with the Bliss in spirit Thursday as they face the Las Vegas Sin.  I will be cheering from afar as they grab win #2.  At practice next week, I will talk to some players about the win against the Sin and their next game against the Chill (where they will go to 3-0-1).

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