Thursday, August 14, 2014

On the Beat with Chicago Bliss Head Coach Keith Hac-08/11/2014

Resistance Pro wrestler Eric St. Vaughn joined for a Chicago Bliss practice and took over the interview duties.  Resistance Pro and the Chicago Bliss have a mutual respect and it is always good to see any sort of crossover.
ESV caught up with Chicago Bliss Head Coach Keith Hac to talk about the state of the team and the upcoming playoff game against the Los Angeles Temptation.  They had previously talked at the Bliss season kickoff party, prior to a game against the Temptation.
Hac was his usual candid self, predicting...guaranteeing victory over the Temptation.  For Hac it comes down to basics.  The Bliss is simply the better team.
From my viewpoint, Hac is right (as usual).  The Bliss are better coached and have better talent.  They are also determined to defend their LFL title (as you will see in the other interviews ESV conducted at practice, which will run here soon).
ESV and RPro are firmly on the Bliss bandwagon.  I am very proud to have put these great organizations together.  I love the synergy.  You can tell ESV is comfortable in the Bliss universe and I know the team is comfortable near the RPro ring.
The playoff game is August 23.  I am predicting a 27-14 Bliss victory.  I never doubt Coach Hac and ESV is just as confident.  Go Bliss!

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