Friday, August 15, 2014

On the Beat with Deena Fagiano of the Chicago Bliss-08/11/2014

Resistance Pro wrestler Eric St. Vaughn was back on the Beat again, as he interviewed Chicago Bliss veteran Deena Fagiano at a recent practice.  Once again the RPro-Bliss partnership came into play.
ESV talked to Deena about the last game versus the Los Angeles Temptation, the current state of the Bliss, the upcoming playoffs and more.  The Queen of Hashtags gave us her unique perspective on all topics (but she did not give us any hashtags).
Deena is a valuable part of the Bliss organization on and off the field.  On the field, she flies under the radar a bit, but her contributions are not to be overlooked.  She recently scored a touchdown and celebrated as only Deena can.
Off the field, she is important, too.  She makes a lot of public appearances, spreading the word of the Bliss, including at a Resistance Pro wrestling event.  Could an in-ring career be in Deena's future?  Maybe she could get some tips from ESV.
After you watch the video, check out Deena and the rest of the Bliss at  Keep checking back here at for full coverage as the Bliss continue their quest to defend their LFL championship.  Thank you Deena, the Bliss organization and ESV.  Go Bliss!

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