Sunday, August 17, 2014

On the Beat with Dominique Collins of the Chicago Bliss-08/11/2014

Today, we wrap up Eric St. Vaughn's latest Chicago Bliss mission.  The Resistance Pro wrestler interviewed the very versatile Dominique "DC" Collins and asked her about the upcoming playoff game.
DC is the first Bliss player I ever interviewed at a game.  There was an LFL playoff doubleheader and I was watching the first game in the end zone with the Bliss coaches and some of the players, including DC.  I took the opportunity to land my first game day Bliss interview.
On and off the record, we talked about her versatility, the team, the playoffs, her half-time tackle event and more.  DC became an instant favorite of mine.
At the first practice of the year, I interviewed Dominique again and then I watched the practice.  It quickly became apparent that she was on a mission.  She looked super-focused and intense.  She didn't just catch passes.  She snatched them out of the air.  On defense, she was like a ball hawk.
DC made headlines during one of the games for getting bowled over by an opposing runner.  She also lead the team in tackles that day, but that went unnoticed by most of the media.  Fortunately, her teammates and coaches knew it.  Still, DC handled it all with class.  She tipped her proverbial cap to the runner and came back more determined.
My next interview with her will be in Los Angeles, right after the Bliss wins the LFL championship.  First things first though.  On Saturday, August 23, the Bliss will beat the Los Angeles Temptation to advance to the title game.
I have not forgotten about ESV either.  He will be in action at Resistance Pro's "The Real Thing" on Sunday, August 24.  I expect him and Body Magic to come out as winners, too.

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