Saturday, August 16, 2014

On the Beat with Bridget McDonnell of the Chicago Bliss-08/11/2014

Resistance Pro wrest;er Eric St. Vaughn was on the Beat again.  This time, ESV interviewed Chicago Bliss rookie Bridget McDonnell.  The two talked about her rookie season, the upcoming playoffs and more.
I see similarities between ESV and Bridget.  They both are obviously into physical fitness.  They both worked very hard to earn their positions in their respective fields.
ESV came to RPro as an unproven commodity.  Over the last few years, he has busted butt on every level to improve every aspect of his game.  The result is a very popular wrestler who has a bright future.
I met Bridget at the first Bliss practice of 2014.  She was one of several women trying to earn a spot on the defending champions.  It was no easy task, but Bridget practiced hard and often.  She worked at her craft and remained patient.  Bridget played in the last two games and showed everyone that she belongs on the team.
I'm happy to see two good people make it and have fun doing it.  I am happier say I am friends with both.  They each have a bright future and I am sure I will be covering both in the future.
For now, you can catch ESV in action at RPro's "The Real Thing" on Sunday August 24.  Bridget will be in action with her Bliss teammates on Saturday, August 23, as they open the playoffs against long-time nemesis Los Angeles Temptation.  We wish them both good luck!

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