Sunday, August 10, 2014

On the Beat with Tommy Else

I first met Tommy Else at a Resistance Pro Wrestling event.  I have known Tommy for almost three years and I am proud to call him a friend.
Tommy, a fitness professional, owns and operates T3 Fitness.  He does in-house training, diet construction and consultation and more.  He is very attentive and flexible to his clients' needs.  I have gotten quite a bit of advice from Tommy and he is always willing to help.
I knew that Tommy knew how to play a guitar, but I never knew to what extent until recently.  I was pleasantly surprised when he announced he would be playing an acoustic set on Saturday, August 16 at Madame Zuzu's, a tea house owned and operated by music legend Billy Corgan.  This all fits in especially nicely, since Tommy just happens to be a longtime huge fan of Billy and the Smashing Pumpkins.
Recently, I had lunch with Tommy and we discussed his upcoming appearance.  He accepted my request for an interview about his path to this upcoming show.  We talked about his fitness business, his musical start and the show.
There was so much more I wanted to ask Tommy, but I wanted to wait until after the show.  This interview really just serves as a bit of an intro to Tommy.
I am very excited for Tommy.  Tommy is a great guy and I am happy he will get this opportunity.  I am also really excited to be part of the crowd.  There should be several of our mutual RPro friends in attendance, all cheering and supporting our bud.  This promises to be a special night for all.  I wish Tommy well and I can't wait to see the show.
I really appreciate Tommy for his time and consideration in giving this interview.  Even more, I appreciate his friendship always.  Good luck up there, Tommy...and have fun.  I know the rest of us will have a blast, too!
For more info on Tommy's acoustic show, you can check out

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