Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Evil David Letterman and Jay Leno?

Mike Preston is a comedian and the host of PsychoBabbleTV, an offbeat cable show.  Mike invited Johngy's Beat to the set of PsychobabbleTV and after a couple of scheduling snafus, Jack and I finally made it there.
Aside from PsychoBabbleTV, Preston and his crew do a lot of the same type of interviews as you see on JohngysBeat.com.  In reality, I would love to see Johngy's Beat become as awesome as Preston's stuff.  They get much better access and they do a lot with it.  They even spent a whole day with Lita Ford.  (I was just happy with my short interview with the legendary rocker).
We got there early and I was shocked to hear a very familiar voice.  It was the voice of David Letterman.  Well, actually, it was a close facsimile of Letterman's voice as done by Evil David Letterman.
Evil Dave has been a recurring caller/guest on Howard Stern's radio program.  I had no idea he was also a regular contributor to PsychoBabbleTV.
For the next two hours or so, we were treated to the filming of two episodes of PsychoBabbleTV.  The very funny Marge Tackes was co-host, while Preston assumed hosting duties from his non-traditional talk show desk.  Evil Dave, Ozzy and several more entertaining people joined the fun at various points.
I want to thank Preston for welcoming us to the set and for the night of fun.  I want to encourage everyone to check out PsychoBabbleTV.com.
Evil Dave and me in Mount Prospect, IL-September 2014.

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