Friday, September 12, 2014

Wrestling with Noah and Gianna

At last month's Resistance Pro event, my cousins Ernie, his son Ernie and his grandchildren Justin, Noah and Gianna.  Of course, all five donned the Johngy shirt for our front row appearance.
I never get tired of seeing people in the Johngy shirt.  It just makes me laugh.  This took it to another level though.
"Big" Ernie has been married to my first cousin for 40ish years.  Their son Ernie and I have gotten closer over the last couple years.  Our families love each other, but somehow drifted apart a bit.
It has been great getting to know Ernie as an adult and to know his children.  Noah is a bright and articulate young man, while Gianna is an active, rambunctious young girl.  They are awesome kids and I hope to continue to see them grow.
It was so cool for me to look to my right and see these three generations sitting next to me.  Seeing them all supporting me by wearing the Johngy shirt was just super fun for me.
The kids (and adults) enjoyed their night at R Pro.  I believe it was the first wrestling event for the kids.  I know there is no better wrestling company than Resistance Pro for them to witness for the first time.
There is another RPro show tonight.  As always, I encourage everyone to come and check it out.
Noah, Gianna and me in Chicago, IL-March 2014.

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