Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bear Down Sunday Game #8 New England Patriots

The Chicago Bears are 3-4 and are facing the New England Patriots, who are 5-2.  I am afraid the hopes in Chicago are fading fast.
Maybe the picture below represents that fading.  It's a picture from a WSCR Bowl-A-Thon in the mid-1990's.  This is what you sometimes got in the pre-digital camera days.  Sometimes, it was a crapshoot.
Buffone had a great career with the Bears.  Always overshadowed by Dick Butkus, Buffone would be an all-time great on most other teams.
He has remained on the Bears scene by way of his broadcasting career.  Currently on WSCR (tying it right back to the photo), Buffone can be heard on the post-game shows, along with former teammate Ed O'Bradovich.  They are as passionate and entertaining as you could ever want.
The Pats present a huge challenge for the Bears.  I am afraid we will be hearing Doug and OB ranting about another loss this Sunday.  Maybe the Bears can pull out a mini-miracle.
Doug Buffone and me in Arlington Heights, IL-Mid 1990's.

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Evil Zebra said...


Chicago Losers - 23

Well....... at least Chicago got 23,
that's a pretty good number... cause
EZ was born on the 23rd

Other than that.....
Johngy isn't the only LOSER in Chicago!

Have a NICE DAY!

Take it,