Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween with Heidi Steiner

Tonight, Resistance Pro presents "Rust in Peace," their annual Halloween themed show.  When you have a night at RPro and you add the fun of Halloween, complete with costumes on everyone, you get a whole lot of fun and an even more entertaining night than usual.
In honor of Halloween and RPro, I am presenting a full week of Halloween fun at RPro.  I sm starting with Heidi Steiner, an unsung hero of RPro.
You will find Heidi at most RPro shows, although you probably won't find her in the same spot twice.  She wears many hats and performs many duties at RPro.  The folks at RPro know how valuable she is and what she brings to the company, but the fans do not necessarily know a lot about her.
She is the mom of Scottie Steiner, another unsung hero at RPro (and one you will see here later this week).  She connected with RPro through the Thompson family and she has been around from the beginning.  Whether she is selling raffle tickets, working a table, helping with security or anything else, Heidi is always doing it with her usual style.  She is one of a kind and an asset to RPro.  She is another I am proud to call friend.  
Heidi Steiner and me in Willowbrook, IL-October 2013.

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