Friday, October 24, 2014

On the Beat with Resistance Pro's "Practice What You Preach"

At last month's "Practice What You Preach," Resistance Pro put on another great night of wrestling.  We got a handful of interesting interviews, as well.
Eric St. Vaughn and Brady Pierce of Body Magic took home the tag team gold.  We have supported ESV from his debut and this interview was well worth the wait.  Cameos by various RPro people and assorted other fun, make this one of my favorite interviews of all time.
I have to give Special Correspondent Jonathan McMahon credit for nabbing D'Arcy Dixon, former RPro Women's champ.  D'Arcy has been rather elusive, but JMac got her or maybe she got him.  She really had himn squirming and that made this one of my favorite interviews, too.
The talent isn't the only thing of interest, however.  Some of the fans can be just as entertaining.  Such is the case with Dick Griffiths, aka Chain Male.
JMac was back on the beat with an update interview with Mike Bellcaster.  Since our last interview with Bellcaster, has has added "ring announcer" to his resume.  He has also added "dad," and we congratulate him and his lovely wife Nicole (aka the Merchandise Girl).
The next RPro show is "Rust in Peace," a Halloween themed night of fun.  Come out and join the gang on Saturday night.

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