Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bear Down Sunday Game #9 Green Bay Packers

The Chicago Bears are 3-5 and limping into today's game against the Green Bay Packers, who are 5-3.  This game has the makings of a squash, but you never know when these teams battle.
This last August, I witnessed another Green Bay-Chicago matchup which appeared to be a mismatch.  The Chicago Bliss were 2-0-1 and looked to crush the 0-3 Green Bay Chill.  The Bliss won 32-7 and it was never in question.
Prior to the game, I talked to Green Bay coach Gilbert Brown.  I really felt for Brown.  He was coaching a now-in proposition.  The LFL had lots of problems and Green Bay was one of them.
They moved from Green Bay to Milwaukee without much notice or advertising.  They went 0-4 in the season and watched as players got injured or just left the team, not to be replaced.  I believe they had 11 players for the game against the Bliss.
Brown was a class act and said all of the right things.  He also clowned around a bit with me by blocking the Bliss logo on my cap.  At least he was handling it all well.
It is hard for me to feel any sorrow for anyone associated with the Packers.  I remember him having some pretty good games against the Bears.  Brown is still one of the most popular ex-players.  Still, I think he deserved a better fate than the 2014 Green Bay Chill.
Hopefully the Bears will channel the Bliss and win one against Green Bay.  If the Bears lose this one, it is going to be a long season in Chicago.
Gilbert Brown and me in Milwaukee, WI-August 2014.

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