Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jason Priestley in Rosemont 60018

Jason Priestley probably deserves a better headline than the bad pun I wrote.  If he sees it and suggests a better one, I will gladly change it.
Priestley rose to fame on Beverly Hills 90210.  I watched it.  Of course, I watched it.  Everyone watched it, whether they admit it or not.  For men, it was the Shannen Doherty-Jennie Garth debate.  For women it was Priestly-Luke Perry.
I have met both Perry and Priestly and both were really cool in person.  They both gave their fans plenty of time with them at Wizard World.  Priestley even spent several minutes with a youngster who was not buying any merchandise.  In an environment like a comic con, this is indeed rare.
While it is true he knew I was with the media, he talked to me for several minutes and wanted me to double check our photo.  Some celebs barely give the press any time at all, since we are "non-payers."
Priestley has a lengthy resume and by all accounts is a good guy.  I have to agree with that assessment, at least based on my experience.
Still, despite a pleasant experience with both Perry and Priestley, I can't help but question why did I not meet Doherty or Garth?  I really need to plan things better.  
Jason Priestley and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2013.

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