Monday, December 15, 2014

Bear Down Monday Game 14 New Orleans Saints

The Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints are playing this evening.  Both teams are 5-8 and the best thing I can say about tonight's game is that it did not ruin my Sunday.
One friend in Chicago is looking forward to this game, but he will be cheering for the visitng Saints.  Michael Bradley is the Crescent City Saint, afterall.  He is also Mr. Year Round Tan and Malcolm West.  With that many nicknames, he must be a pro wrestler.
I met Michael through Resistance Pro, where he is one of the fine members of the Security squad.  He is also a wrestler in training.  More importantly, he is a good dude.
Michael has lost a good amount of weight over the few years I have known him.  During his heavier days though, I saw him perform a kip up, a move where you pop up from a prone position using your legs and your momentum.  It is an impressive feat and even more impressive for a big man like MB.  The man has some talent!
He has passion for the business on all ends.  You will see him at many shows in many roles.  You wil also see him at various comic conventions, where he has met a ton of celebrities, including some of his wrestling heroes.
I am sure Michael will be enjoying the game tonight with his lovely wife.  As a Bears fan, I ordinarily would hope he isn't enjoying it too much, but this season, I am actively rooting for the Bears to implode.  Nothing short of disaster will get anything changed here.  So, Michael my friend, I am rooting with you tonight!
Michael Bradley and me in Merrionette Park, IL-May 2013.

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