Tuesday, December 16, 2014

C Red and Resistance Pro's Positive Outreach Program (POP)

I have written many times about Resistance Pro's Positive Outreach Program (POP), but a cause as good as this deserves every bit of exposure it gets.  I am honored to help spread the word.
POP is supported by RPro owners Jacques and Gabe Baron.  They also participate in all POP events, as do many members of the RPro organization, from wrestlers to staffers.  POP is definitely a company-wide passion, but the man behind it all is C Red.
He already was a director, manager, broadcaster and wrestler, when he added POP to his full plate.  Despite juggling all of these roles, C Red never complains and always smiles.  That's because he is doing what he loves and he is setting the example for the rest of us.
POP was given life through C Red's vision and hard work.  It has grown because of those same qualities.  Oh sure, we all pitch in, but C Red is the driving force.
I chose to feature POP in my second article for Tru School Sports, because aside from the wrestling, it is the most important part of RPro.  In many ways, it is even more important than the wrestling.
That article can be found at on TSS at Resistance Pro's Positive Outreach Program.  I hope you all read it and learn a bit more about C Red and POP.  I am lucky to know such fine people as C Red and to be involved in something so great as POP.
C Red and me in Merrionette Park, IL-July 2013.

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