Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bear Down Thursday Game #13 Dallas Cowboys

The Chicago Bears are 5-7 and barely alive, while the Dallas Cowboys are 8-4.  This game looks like a mismatch, but the Cowboys have been notoriously bad in December.  Nothing surprises me with the Bears this season.
Many people are calling for the head of Coach Marc Trestman (including me).  The Bears had high expectations and have fallen far below all of them.  This could be the most disappointing Bears team since the pre-1985 Super Bowl Bears.
Many fans want a fiery coach, like Coach Mike Ditka of that Super Bowl team.  Some even want Ditka.  As magical as that was, I am not calling for Ditka's return.
Ditka will always have a special place in the minds and hearts of Bears fans.  He earned that with a Hall of Fame playing career (mostly in Chicago) and that big Super Bowl win.  Ditka is beloved and will always be.
Jon Feltman and his then-future bride Laura Gekas met the Coach a couple years back.  This meeting had to be legendary.  It might even have been a sort of passing of the torch.
Jon has been on fire in our friendly football pool.  As of this writing, he is in first place and pretty much has it locked.  Last year, he sputtered in the end and fell just short of his first title.  I don't see that happening this season.  Jon seems destined to join Coach Ditka as a champ.
Even as I write this, I long for the winning days of Coach Ditka.  It's been almost 20 years since that Super Bowl.  Trestman might not deserve to be fired, but the patience of the fans is running thin.  Actually, we would like the whole management team to be fired.
Yes, I will now admit I am cheering against the Bears.  I don't want to see a 7-9 team with "hope" for next year.  I want the 5-11 team to blow up.  It's really the only way to go.
Laura Feltman, Mike Ditka and Jon Feltman in IL-January 2012.

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