Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Introducing Resistance Pro to

I am very excited to have written my first article for  The piece is on Resistance Pro Wrestling and it can be found at Introducing Resistance Pro Wrestling.
It all started when I saw a post on Facebook. was looking for writers to cover sports teams.  Since I usually get random game Press Credentials during baseball season, I inquired about doing sporadic feature pieces.
Brendan Taylor (the wunderkind behind TSS) counter-proposed me writing about Resistance Pro Wrestling.  That was an easy sell.  I love RPro and have been covering it regularly since its debut over three years ago.
Brendan started TSS while he was still in high school back in 2012.  Since then, it has grown steadily.  The TSS team is comprised of a lot of talented, young writers.  I am probably one of the oldest on the team, although I'd prefer to be called a wily veteran.
As I wrote, my first piece was on RPro and it debuted on the TSS site Monday.  Since there is no RPro show this month, I decided to do an introduction to RPro for TSS.   As of this writing, the story I wrote is already in the top 25 of most viewed articles on TSS.  That is a testament to the popularity of RPro.
I have a lot of ideas for future articles, in addition to covering and recapping the actual RPro events.  I think I can bring some cool stuff to TSS and I am looking forward to exposing RPro to new eyes.
I encourage everyone to check out  My pieces will be under the Wrestling section.

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