Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chicago Bliss Coach Keith Hac Is At It Again!

The Chicago Bliss will start their quest for the threepeat this Saturday when they hold tryouts.  Actually, knowing Coach Keith Hac, he probably started planning for this season on the plane ride back to Chicago after they won the Legends Football League championship in September of 2014.
I have been covering the Bliss since the 2013 season.  One of the most fascinating times I had was standing in the end zone with Coach Hac while he watched a playoff game, prior to the Bliss playing that day.
This would have made for a great broadcast (although there would have had to been some parts bleeped out).  Hac called out weaknesses, pointed out strengths and basically outlined how he would have called each play on offense and defense.  He was dead on, too!
It was right then that I knew he was going to lead the Bliss to the championship.  He was clearly the best coach in the LFL.  As long as the Bliss had decent talent, his strategies would overcome all. Even better, the Bliss had great talent.  It almost wasn't fair.
Last September, I was there to see the Bliss repeat.  I had a great time watching this deserving bunch win the title.
I want to take this time to publicly thank Coach Hac and the entire Bliss organization for giving us unprecedented access (and unprecedented fun).  Hac was always good for an interview and even better for some off-the-record chat.
This Saturday, I will see Hac again as he starts building the 2015 Bliss.  It has been a great ride so far and I am looking forward to more fun this season.
Keith Hac and me in Ontario, CA-September 2014.

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