Friday, January 23, 2015

Jess Price Was Right For the Chicago Bliss

Tomorrow the Chicago Bliss hold tryouts for the 2015 season.  A little over a year ago, the Bliss held tryouts for the 2014 season and one of the many there was Jess Price.  Jess would go on to earn a spot as a wide receiver/safety and be a big part of the 2014 championship season.
Jess brought a lot to the team on and off the field.  She practiced hard and played hard and did it all with a great attitude.  Jess certainly earned her place on the team and earned a spot in the hearts of all Bliss fans.
I had the pleasure of interviewing her several times.  The first interview was before a practice early in the year.  That interview can be found at On the Beat with Jess Price of the Chicago Bliss.
The quest for the threepeat starts tomorrow.  I can't wait to get out to the tryouts and see the potential new rookies.  Time will tell if any of them measure up to the likes of Jess and her rookie teammates from last season.  The 2014 rookies left big shoes to fill.
Jess Price and me in Ontario,CA-September 2014.

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Jean Parker said...

Good luck to all the women trying out!