Monday, January 26, 2015

Friendly Encounters: Bruce Kulick and Mike Preston

This is a weekly feature about friends who have met celebrities.

Johngy's Beat has hooked up with Mike Preston and the PsychoBabbleTV crew a few times.  The latest was in November at Days of the Dead.  We were very excited to be a part of the interview with Bruce Kulick, long-time member of KISS.  That interview can be found at Bruce Kulick Interview 2014.
Preston has interviewed a ton of celebrities over the years.  Johngy's Beat is slightly envious of the success attained by the PsychobabbleTV crew.  The whole gang at PsychobabbleTV has been very receptive to us and I hope we can partner with them in the future.
It was fun watching Preston interview Kulick.  I hope you check out the interview to see for yourself.  Preston knows his stuff and is very smooth and comfortable.  Kulick was very pleased with this interview and I am sure his fans will enjoy it, too.
Mike Preston and Bruce Kulick in Schaumburg, IL-November 2014.

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