Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Culture Shock with John Borowski

If it seems like I have written a lot about filmmaker John Borowski of late, it is probably because he has a lot of exciting things happening.  One of those things is his Kickstarter campaign for Bloodlines: The Life and Art of Vincent Castiglia.
Borowski has made his name making fascinating historical horror films.  His trilogy subjects include HH Holmes, Albert Fish and Carl Panzram.  Among other works, he also produced Serial Killer Culture, about people who create and collect art based on serial killers.
Vincent Castiglia is the focus of his latest project.  Castiglia is an artist who paints with his own blood.  There is no doubt that Borowski will delve deeply into this intriguing man and his unique style and creations.
The Kickstarter campaign is intended to help raise funds for this project.  As of this writing, they are short of their goal with about six days left, but we are all hoping that as word continues to spread, the pledges will increase.
You can check out for more info and updates.  You can also go directly to Kickstarter Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia.
John Borowski and me in Indianapolis, IN-February 2015.

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