Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On the Beat with Bobby Easley at Culture Shock 2015

Our coverage of Days of the Dead-Culture Shock 2015 continues with actor-producer-director Bobby Easley.  He has a lot of titles, but I think he is best described as "dynamic."
As we encountered him at his booth at Days of the Dead Culture Shock, Easley quickly engaged us.  In a room filled with people promoting their projects (or themselves), it isn't easy to stand out, but Easley did just that.
He was there promoting three films, namely Belly Timber, All Sinners Night and Devil Dogs of Kilo Company.  Promoting three films seems appropriate for Easley.  The man seems larger than life.
Along those lines, Easley told me he wanted to be the "Roger Corman of Indiana."  Corman is a director-producer-actor, mostly of B movies (many awesome ones though), including Rock 'N' Roll High School featuring the Ramones.  I believe Easley will succeed in this goal and I will be watching his progress.
In our interview below, Easley discusses the three films, his start in the business and more.  He also gives us a scoop.  Now that is a great interviewee.  Scoops go a long way!
Check out the interview and you will become as captivated as we were.  Then, you can learn more about Easley and his projects at HorrorWastelandFlix.com.

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