Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wizard World Fan Fest With David Carr

While doing pre-event research for my coverage of Wizard World Fan Fest, I came across artist David Carr.  Carr's website, ArtMonkeyWorld.com, has the tagline of "whimsical art for everyone."  With that statement, I had to check out the site.  His site delivered as promised.
A bunch of his prints are shown on the site.  My favorite is "Batmen Playing Poker."  Other favorites include "The King and I," which is an Elvis piece and "Scooby Who," featuring Shaggy and Scooby.  There are many more offbeat, interesting and fun creations.
Carr also does graphic design, which is every bit as aesthetically pleasing, but not quite as whimsical as his other work.  Actually, some of the examples shown are fairly whimsical.  It all depends on the need of this clients.  (Hmm I wonder what he could do with my Johngy logo?)
He has been painting since he was a young teen.  His energy and wit earned him the nickname "Art Monkey," which explains the site name.  According to him, he has "creative Tourettes."
One thing I find particularly interesting and appealing is his ability to convey fun and whimsy, yet also structure and order.  This gives his creations a unique look and feel.  I find his work endlessly fascinating.
On a mostly unrelated sidenote, the picture below was taken at Fan Fest.  Sammie Baugh is to my right and David is to my left.  Did anyone else catch that they share names with two former NFL quarterbacks?  I just found that interesting.
I hope you will go to ArtMonkeyWorld.com and indulge yourself in his whimsical work.  I can guarantee some of his prints will make you giggle a bit at the concept, but all will make you appreciate his creativity and talent.
Sammie Baugh, me and David Carr in Rosemont, IL-March 2015.

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