Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Laura!

Today is my eldest niece Laura Fitzpatrick's birthday.  I will never forget riding the train downtown with her mom, when Nancy told me she was pregnant.  Several months later, this beautiful girl was born.
Laura has grown up into a smart, funny, interesting person.  She loves animals and is such a caring person, despite her razor sharp wit.  She's my niece and she's my friend.
Laura is going to do great things in life.  She already has.  I love this young lady.
Happy birthday Laura.  I hope this coming year is your best yet!
Laura Fitzpatrick in Chicago, IL-Early 1990's.


Jean Parker said...

Hope you had a great day Laura!
John, nice tribute to Laura!!

Nancy said...

Hope you enjoyed your day/weekend. Thanks for being a great uncle to Laura.

Laura said...

Aw, thank you, Uncle Crash! Your birthday posts always make my day! <3 :)