Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On the Beat With Meredith Finch at C2E2 2015

In preparing for this year's C2E2, Meredith Finch was my first target for an interview.  I contacted her and she graciously and quickly accepted my request.
Upon reaching her booth, I found Meredith to be charming and pleasant.  She was joined by her husband David and their children.  It was pretty cool to see the family at C2E2.
The reason why Meredith was there with David is that they work together on Wonder Woman, of course.
Meredith is the kind of person who I would love to talk to for hours about her work.  There are so many questions and so many angles to discuss.  I tried to stay with the basics of her path to Wonder Woman, her challenges, Wonder Woman's future and what her kids thought.  She gave us thoughtful interesting answers.
Wonder Woman is such a fascinating comic to me.  Not only is she a pioneer and a role model for girls, but she is often overlooked in the Superhero universe (much like my thoughts on Aquaman).  Wonder Woman did have a tv series in the 1970's but not much else.  While Batman, Superman and the others are revisited in various forms, Wonder Woman remains in comic book form.
Meredith is juggling Wonder Woman's work with others, with her solo adventures.  She is making Wonder Woman realistic and relevant.  Most of all, she is making Wonder Woman interesting.  The character only gfoes as far as the creative staff can take it.  Aquaman isn't overlooked because of any other reason than lack of creativity on the part of the creative team.  Thanks to Meredith, David and their team, Wonder Woman is on the rise.  I congratulate and thank them.
For more info on Wonder Woman and the Finch team, check out or follow Meredith on twitter.

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