Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bruce Kulick, PsychoBabble, Kiss and Days of the Dead

We had the pleasure of partnering with PsychoBabbleTV at last year's Days of the Dead convention in Chicago.  One of the highlights was sitting in on the Bruce Kulick interview.  That interview can be found at Bruce Kulick-November 2014.
The gang at PsychoBabbleTV is a fun bunch, but they know how to get things done, too.  They scored several key interviews at Days of the Dead.  You can check out the interviews from Days and all of their other entertaining stuff at
Kulick is a fascinating guy.  He was a member of Kiss for twelve years, but never wore the facepaint.  He was the first member of Kiss to use his real name.  He was featured on lead vocals for "I Walk Alone," his only song as lead vocalist.
Kulick was also extremely nice.  PsychoBabbleTV's Mike Preston conducted a very interesting interview and Kulick answered every question.  He was amusing and insightful.  I really enjoyed the interview, meeting Kulick and working with PsychoBabbleTV.
Bruce Kulick and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2014.

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