Friday, May 8, 2015

Traveling with the Windy City All-Stars

When the regular season for the Windy City Rollers ends, the traveling season starts.  As exciting as the WCR league is, the traveling All-Stars are just as much fun.  Plus you get to see them compete against other All-Star teams.
Saturday, May 16, the WCR All-Stars and Second Wind will compete at the Lombard Roller Rink.  Captained by Daft Spunk and Killa Nois, the All-Stars feature such Johngy's Beat favorites as Mack Savage, Zoe Trocious, Tay Q. Down and Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis.  All of these athletes and more can be found on the Windy City Rollers playlist on YouTube.
You can also go to for more news and ticket information.  This travel and All-Star season promises to bhe a great one.  I look forward to catching the action!
Mack Savage and me in Chicago, IL-January 2015.

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