Thursday, January 14, 2016

BD Is Sooooo Smooth

BD Smooth doesn't look like your typical wrestler and actually he isn't your typical wrestler.  Few things are typical about the Mayor of Dub city, but that doesn't mean he doesn't do his job in and out of the ring.
BD Smooth started in Resistance Pro as part of the ring crew.  His hard work, great attitude and offbeat personality won over the bosses and earned him a match.  He joined Hardcore Harry as the Slobberknockers and they received a title shot against then-tag team champs LockUp.  The Slobberknockers gave it a great effort, but came up a little short.  Still, they won some fans and the respect of the lockerroom.
I had the pleasure of interviewing them post-match.  That interview can be found at On the Beat with the Slobberknockers at Resistance Pro.  I love the raw emotion from both men in that interview.
Since then, BD has ventured into some singles matches, most notably against Tommy Else on the last two shows.  While Else has beaten him twice, BD has put up a good fight and entertained fans.  I have a feeling BD is not done with Else yet.
Out of the ring, BD is a good dude and funny, too.  Whether he is hanging upside down from the ropes, showing off his new neon lit hat or doing any number of other interesting things that cross his mind, BD is quite a character.  In a world full of colorful characters, BD somehow manages to stand out.
I don't have a cool hat like BD, but if I did, it would be tipped to BD.  I look forward to the next show on March 5, to see what BD has in store for Else and the fans.
Meanwhile, you can check out my recap of RPro's recent "Resolution" at On the Beat at Resistance Pro's "Resolution" on Tru School Sports.
BD Smooth and me in Summit, IL-January 2016.

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