Friday, January 15, 2016

Elvira at Days of the Dead Chicago 2015

I think I made peace with Cassandra Peterson at Days of the Dead Chicago 2015.  My previous  disappointingencounter with Peterson was recounted at Elvira Mistress of the Darkness.
Times change though.  Days of the Dead is a whole new experience.  Days brings people together.  Days promotes peace.
I had pretty much avoided Peterson all weekend.  I did not get a picture with her or her alter ego Elvira.  I did not get any autograph from her either.  I was at peace with our non-engaged coexistence.
As the last day neared the end, I was walking around the convention and Peterson was sitting at her table.  She smiled at me and I nodded back.  She greeted me and I edged towards her.  We talked a bit about Days and the line she had the previous day.  (The line of fans for her in Elvira costume was insanely long.)  I asked for a picture with Peterson and she graciously agreed.
Of course, Peterson had no idea about our previous encounter and I did not bring it up.  I am sure she just knew me now as the guy with the stupid shirt covering the convention.  That was fine with me.
From all other reports, Peterson was awesome to all her fans this weekend.  I can say she was great with me.  I can also say our "feud" is now officially over (even if she had no idea we were feuding).  Besides, I am sure it can't be healthy to have the Mistress of the Darkness on opposite sides as you.
Cassandra Peterson and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2015.

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