Thursday, February 11, 2016

I Love Kassie DePaiva

I should just keep this simple and repeat the title and state that I love Kassie DePaiva.  It wouldn't be much of a blog if I left it at that though.
I have written several times about my great experiences at Wizard World.  One of the greatest was meeting Kassie.  She was such a sweetheart.
Getting interviews at comic cons can be tricky.  The celebs are there to make money by meeting fans.  I approached Kassie as a fan on the first day of the con and had the pleasure of talking to her at length.  I mentioned that I had applied for an interview with her through Wizard World Media.  She said she'd be glad to do it and if it didn't work out through Wizard World Media, she would do it anyway.
I think the fact that I knew a lot about her career, including her history on tv's One Life To Live, might have greased that path for me.
On Sunday, I was walking around the con and literally crossed paths with Kassie.  She approached me and reminded me of the interview and set a time for later that day.  How incredibly cool was that?
True to her word, I met her later and did a wonderful interview with her.  My interview with Kassie can be found at On the Beat with Kassie DePaiva at Wizard World 2015.  I love how you can feel her emotion as she talks about some of her character's history.  I also love how she joked with me from the beginning and in and out through the whole interview.  It really felt like we were just buds hanging out.
Yes, I watched One Life To Live.  Yes, I know all about Kassie's character.  I respected her as an actress and enjoyed her body of work.  All f that pales though to the experience I had with Kassie at Wizard World.
This is why I say she is a real sweetheart.  This is why I say I love Kassie DePaiva.
Kassie DePaiva and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2015.

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